ROS2 version for isaac_sim

Hi guys,

I am quite new of NVIDIA isaac world. I am learning about Isaac sdk and omniverse. I think that the suggested way to work with NVIDIA isaac omnivers is to directly program isaac sim in python or connect it with ROS/ROS2.

I was quite confused about the suggested configuration. I have read that the suggested version for ISAAC omniver is ubuntu 18.04. I am working using an AWS machine, and the suggested configuration brings me to use ubuntu 18.04. At the same time, i read that NITROS to exchange data between cpu and gpu is supported by humble.

I have not tried yet any example, but since I am running ubuntu 18.04, I am using dashing version of ROS2. Do you think that I will have compatibility problems connecting isaas_sim and ROS2?


Isaac ROS is supported only on ROS2 Humble on Ubuntu 20.04/CUDA 11.6.1 on x86 and Jetpack 5.0.2 on Jetson. Isaac ROS uses NITROS internally which requires features newly introduced in ROS2 Humble. There are Isaac Sim tutorials for many of the Isaac ROS packages which can be found here.

Thanks for your reply. However, Ubuntu 22.04 is suggested to install ROS2 Humble, using package manager of Ubuntu and avoiding compiling it from sources. Do you think that ISAAC Sim with ROS2 can be used on ubuntu 22.04 directly?

Yes, Isaac Sim 2022.1.1 is supported on Ubuntu 22.04 and should run well.