Isaac SIM 2022.1 -> Ubuntu 2022?

Confused! And hoped for the different universe ;)

ROS2 Humble → Ubuntu 2022.04 LTS (available today)
isaac_ros packages → ROS2 Humble → Ubuntu 2022.04 LTS (Planned for late June)

Jetpack 5.x → Ubuntu 2020.04 LTS (available today) … (CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT …)
Isaac SIM → Ubuntu 2020.04 and Windows (available today)
Isaac SDK ? (maybe discontinued)

It would have been easier developer setup if Jetpack 5.x and Isaac SIM was available in Ubuntu 2022.04


yes, you are right, supporitng many dependencies is always hassle in software.
we will hopefully have support for 2022.04 for Isaac SIm

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@ltorabi As always, thank you for the updates.

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