Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 Release is out and live now!

Highlights of the Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 Release

  • Kit SDK 104.2

  • Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer supported.

  • Sensors

    • Surface Materials added for RTX Lidar.
  • Warehouse logistics

    • Bug fixes
  • ROS

    • Updated ROS2 MoveIt tutorial.

    • Deprecated ROS Migration Tutorial from Sim 2021.2.1 and Isaac Sim 2022.2.0.

    • Custom python/C++ omnigraph nodes.

  • Isaac Gym

    • Omniverse Isaac Gym Environments Added Factory Nut/Bolt Pick environment and SAC Ant/Humanoid environments.

    • Added support for docker and live stream, along with multi-GPU training

    • Fixed run-time material randomization affecting friction and restitution.

    • Bug fixes

  • Isaac Replicator

    • Added Basic UI for Composer to view/preview the generated scenarios.
  • Cortex

    • Docstring, comments, type hints, remove unused functions/files.

    • Convert all monitors to use add_monitors() API in examples.

    • DfContext converted to DfRobotApiContext (base class) and DfBasicContext (instantiation)

    • Backward compatible API update to CortexObjectsRos and CortexSimObjectsRos to fix hard coded in_coords.

  • People

    • Reduced steps for setting up characters by automating attaching behavior scripts and anim.graph.

    • New spawn command introduced for characters which allows a simulation to be tied to only the command file and not a USD.

    • Navigation API changes based on feedback from users.

    • Added a new command text box as an alternative to provide commands from within the App.

    • Revamped UI

  • Orbit

    • Support for skrl library for reinforcement learning.

    • Added utility to convert URDF to USD using command line arguments.

    • Fixed issue with setting camera pose in ROS convention.

    • Added support for other camera models offered by Replicator.

  • Extension

    • Omni.isaac.extension_templates UI to generate Extension templates to download python extension templates locally Extension templates significantly reduce the complexity of building a custom UI application in Isaac Sim.

    • Omni.isaac.ui.element_wrappers Created a set of UI element wrappers in omni.isaac.ui that significantly reduce the complexity of making a UI-based extension in Isaac Sim that aesthetically matches other extensions Available wrappers are shown in the extension template “UI Component Library.”

More information can be found at: