Issue with Jetson TX2 Reboot while USB Camera is Plugged In

I’m having an issue restarting a Jetson TX2 while I have a USB camera plugged in. The system begins to boot, but crashes before it can reach the login screen. If I unplug my USB camera, the system boots up just fine. Even further, if I wait to plug in my camera for roughly 5 seconds after restarting the system, it will boot successfully. I’ve attached a screenshot of the system log output when booting with the camera plugged in.

It looks like the system is trying to boot from the USB device rather than the local disk which is causing the failure. Is there a way to overwrite booting from a USB device in favor of booting from the local disk?

I am thinking it might actually be a power delivery issue. Can you plug in the USB camera via a powered external USB hub? This would be the only device which consumes significant power over USB (keyboard and mouse are trivial).

Using a powered external USB hub fixed the issue. Thanks!

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