Virtually Disable/Disconnect USB Port on Jetson During Boot

I’m working around an issue I’ve been having where my Jetson TX2 crashes on boot up while I have a USB camera plugged in. I was tipped off in an earlier post that the issue is due to the camera drawing too much power on boot up (Issue with Jetson TX2 Reboot while USB Camera is Plugged In).

So, I want to figure out a way to completely disable/disconnect the USB port my camera is plugged in to so that the camera cannot draw any power from the Jetson on boot up. Then, after the system has booted, I’d like to re-enable the USB port so I can use the camera.

I don’t know about disabling USB, but if you were to plug in the camera through an externally powered hub, then there would be no more need for delayed start.

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