Issue with opening 2 camera on Xavier

We have 10 Jetson Xavier platforms and we able to run on 8 units 2 cameras in parallel with no issues.
For connecting the cameras we are using our own made adapters and its working perfect on 8 Jetsons.
We flashing the devices with Jetpack 4.2.
Unfortunately on 2 Jetsons no matter how many times we re-flashing the Jetson and switching with other working boards and cameras - nothing is helping and 2 cameras just not work in parallel.
on 1 of the Jetsons we noticed that the 1st MIPI (CSI & CSI0) port is not working.
on the other one the CAM RST is not working at all.
any ideas what to do?

Hi, are you using devkit + your adapter or Xavier module + your adapter? If the former, did you cross check module of failure devkit + carrier board of pass devkit + adapter? Also please share all boards version number which is like 945-82972-xxxx-xxx or x2888-xxxx-xxx that is printed on some labels on board.

Hi, we are using our own adapters that we connecting directly to the Xavier and cameras, yes of-course we tried all possible cross checks and the results constantly the same (on 8 Jetsons all working and on 2 units its not working).

on the Jetson that the 1st MIPI isnt working: 945-82972-0005-000, SN:0424118078181, 180-82822-AAF-B02, R-REM-NYA-P2972

on the Jetson that the CAM RST not working:945-82972-0005-000, SN:0424418068669, 180-82822-AAF-B02, R-REM-NYA-P2972

Thanks a lot.

What’s the version number of other 8 Jetson?

Same Version

So did you compare the log info of pass and fail ones? Can you paste that here for check?

well, we dont see any difference between the logs, do you know how i can add a file to the chat?
Also, please specify what we should type to have a full Log, from what we see its prints only very limited amount of information.

After you send out a comment on forum, you could attach the file using the button on uppoer-right corner.

Please share the working and NG case log with us.

hello kbuzer,

could you please refer to Topic 1052753, comment#49 and download the debug rtcpu firmware for gather more details.
you might launching cameras, execute below commands and also share the details to us.

$ dmesg > klog.txt
$ cat /var/log/syslog > syslog.txt

see the logs attached
Logs.rar (150 KB)

The logs from working Jetson.rar (59.2 KB)

Logs from not working Jetson.rar (90.5 KB)

hello kbuzer,

it seems your camera sensor S5K2G1 is detected even with the non-working platforms.
you got failure which might related to signal settings,
below failure report means VI is receiving “less lines” than it is expecting.
could you please tune your active_h device tree property settings (to reduce) and sharing the logs.

NvCaptureStatusErrorDecode Stream 2.0 failed: sof_ts 68845707456 eof_ts 2204090088448 frame 0 error 14 data 0x00020000
NvCaptureStatusErrorDecode Capture-Error: FALCON_ERROR (0x0000000e)
SCF: Error InvalidState: Capture error with status 14 (channel 0) (in src/services/capture/NvCaptureViCsiHw.cpp, function waitCsiFrameEnd(), line 913)

could you please also enable performance mode by running scripts as below.

$ sudo jetson_clocks

Hi, please explain how to tune the active_h and how to reduce the lines…

hello kbuzer,

you might update your sensor device tree settings, please refer to Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide for the details.
you may also check Kernel Customization chapter for building customize kernel.

Ok we will try, but please explain how it does works on the other 8 Jetsons we have… and why there is differences between the Jetsons?
Thanks a lot,

hello kbuzer,

according to your messages, it looks VI engine able to receive timestamps from sensor side.
for example,
sof_ts 68845707456 eof_ts 2204090088448

however, you also got an error message with FALCON_ERROR, which might related to the signal settings.
I doubt it is signal divergence from sensor modules. please arrange you engineer resources to probe the MIPI signaling, and please also tune the sensor device tree settings to check if we could solve the issue first.

you might also consider to tune THS settle time of the MIPI lane if changing active_h doesn’t help.
please access Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide, and refer to the property description of cil_settletime.