Problem in Xavier NX Synchronized Capture

I use xavier NX to capture 6 cameras 2616 *1964 30fps mipi sync,do images stitching。
I can get the correct capture result of 2 cameras by modifying the sample Argus/sample/syncSensor。
Increase the number of videos by modifying sample,The system library only supports up to 4 cameras,
After updating the argus libs,6 cameras can be support,Xavier NX use argus sample syncSensor capture 6 camera error
but either 4 or 6 cameras, all output files having the same image from camera 0
developer kit version jetpack4.6.1(L4T 32.7.1)
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My question is:

  1. Is there any error in my modification?
    main.cpp (17.1 KB)
  2. There are obvious differences between images through multiple CaptureSessions,so I want to know how to synchronize the isp parameters of one channel to all via argus?

hello 114118143,

you may see-also similar topic, Topic 111355 for dual camera frame synchronization.
you’ll need to have multiple sensor per single capture session method, which means it’ll duplicate single capture request to these camera sensors for using one set of ISP settings.

you means the sample synSensor? by modify the sample to 6 cameras, the capture image all from camera 0?
Run the sample I modified to print the log,Does it mean that there is a problem with my program or hardware?

hello 114118143,

could you please share your code snippets to enable all six cameras.

as you can see,
sample code it uses left camera as master to create the capture session, there’s only single capture request for these two left/right cameras.

    std::vector <CameraDevice*> lrCameras;
    lrCameras.push_back(cameraDevices[0]); // Left Camera (the 1st camera will be used for AC)
    lrCameras.push_back(cameraDevices[1]); // Right Camera

    // Create the capture session, AutoControl will be based on what the 1st device sees.
    UniqueObj<CaptureSession> captureSession(iCameraProvider->createCaptureSession(lrCameras));
    ICaptureSession *iCaptureSession = interface_cast<ICaptureSession>(captureSession);

    UniqueObj<Request> request(iCaptureSession->createRequest());
    IRequest *iRequest = interface_cast<IRequest>(request);

    // Enable both streams in the request.

I make the similar modifications,but the images all form camera 0

According to this topic, is there a bug in my system version 32.7.1 that needs to be upgraded?syncSensor with four CSI-2 cameras on L4T 32.7.2

there’s a typo that you’re using iFrameConsumer1 to acquire frames to iFrame5.

				UniqueObj<Frame> frame5(iFrameConsumer1->acquireFrame());
				IFrame* iFrame5 = interface_cast<IFrame>(frame5);

however, this may not the root cause why you seeing all image from camera0.

could you please examine below…
do you really obtain six camera devices here?

		std::vector<CameraDevice*> cameraDevices;

The bug should be that I forgot to modify the code after copying it。
I printed the cameraDevices.size() and determined that 6 devices have been created。

hello 114118143,

how about enable argus_camera application with multi session mode, to examine all these six cameras able to stream correctly.

I confirm that argus_camera can play six cameras video stream

hello 114118143,

could you please refer to Topic 217401. that’s looks like an issue with syncSensor.
we also need to check this is bandwidth related. please also try enable four or six camera with lower resolution and frame-rate.

I set 6camera STREAM_SIZE(640, 480) and 2fps, The same problem still exists

hello 114118143,

thanks for sharing, could you please further use four camera for testing?
TBH, we’ve never test syncSensor sample application to enable multiple sensor per single capture session for more then two cameras.

I tested four cameras,the same results

Do you have a follow-up plan for this problem?

https://nvbugs/3976091 @JerryChang for visible

hello 114118143,

there’s bug fix, and I’ve include the change and built pre-built binary. it’s include r35.2.1 and r32.7.3 versions.
please download Topic241908_Feb14.7z (3.3 MB) and replace it with /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/ you may reboot the system to have change take effect.

The system version of my mipi driver is 32.7. There are some errors in 35.2.1. Would it be convenient for you to update the 32.7 series version?Thanks

hello 114118143,

I’ve revise my previous comments to attach pre-built binary with r35.2.1 and also r32.7.3 versions.
I’m not sure whether it works with r32.7.3 since there’re some code conflicts. please have a try, thanks

There is an error in running under 32.7.3. It should be other. so need to be updated synchronously

hello 114118143,

could you please try again with this attachment on r32.7.3, Feb15_libnvscf.7z (2.0 MB)