AGX orin synchronized capture

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Now my hardware platform has been changed to AGX orin, and the software system jp5.1.1 (l4t35.3.1),has also been modified the sample Argus/sample/syncSensor,The system library only supports up to 4 cameras,all output files having the same image from camera 0
The code I modified:
main.cpp (16.9 KB)

6 cameras can not be support,has reported an error during program execution:

Has the latest version resolved the issue I mentioned earlier, and are there any related test demos?

Has the problem been further resolved and how long is it expected to take?

hello 114118143,

I was checking this internally.
only 1 stereo pair (i.e. left/right to be in sync) is verified; we’ve not tested more than 2-cam for synchronized capture now.

My application requires multiple sensor synchronized captures. I previously communicated with NVIDIA that they will be supported in the new package. Please confirm if there is a solution that can be implemented?

Not sure where you got this information, currently I didn’t see the plan yet.

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