Issues iterating on the HelloWorld program

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I did some changes on helloWorld.cpp file. I open directly the file in Visual Studio 2019. Then did some changes. Then, proceed to run the bat file called run_hello_world thru command prompt. But the changes was not reflected. Did i missed any step? Please kindly advise me on my next step.

The run_hello_world.bat file is executing the release version built by the project. If you make changes to helloworld.cpp, you need to make sure that the release version is built. This might require changing the build configuration before building (debug may be the default config when opening the Samples solution).

If you’re just using a generic text editor to edit any of the samples you can also rebuild them with the build.bat script.

Thank you so much LouRohan. It was helpful to use the build.bat file.

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