Visual Studio no longer builds my program?

Yesterday I was trying to modify my kernel so that it won’t trigger the damn driver timeout/recovery in Windows 7, and ofcourse triggered it many times (figured it might be worth mentioning). Then I put my computer to hibernate, and went to bed. When I got on my computer this morning, it hadn’t actually succesfully gone to sleep, but was just sort of frozen with the screen turned black, and I had to hard reset it. Now my Visual Studio won’t build the program, instead it just hangs in “Build Started”. I tried making a new solution, didn’t help, then I tried re-installing CUDA, didn’t help. Any ideas?

If I try to cancel the build it says it’s waiting for the task GenerateDeps to cancel

So, I re-installed VC++ 2010 Express, and it fixed it. The problem resurfaced after I had to do a hard reset (GPU driver didn’t recover after the watchdog timeout), and I was unable to re-install 2010 express. Luckily I managed to install 2008, and had to do a hard reset again, and the same problem occurred. However, the 2008 version luckily knew what’s wrong with itself - it was unable to write to vc90.pdb in the project directory. Deleting that file fixed the issue as it had to regenerate it.