Issues with Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit - Ubuntu versions etc

Hi. I have just done the initial setup of the Dev Kit using the SD card download. This seems to be Ubuntu 18.04. Is there at 20.04 version available? I started SDKManager having put the Nano in FR, and device was detected etc, but no product was available to install.

So, my question is, how should I get this upgraded to more recent versions. 18.04 is a bit old, as I need newer Python and obviously any production solutions I put out there will not be 18.04 hosted.

Sorry for the ‘noddy’ question, but I’m fairly new to this framework. I love it, but am just in need to knowing the best way to do some things :)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you using Jetson Nano or Orin Nano?
The SW image for Jetson Nano is Ubuntu 18.04 only, for Orin Nano is Ubuntu 20.04.
Please confirm which devkit you’re using and where you download the SD card image.

Hi. It’s Jetson Nano - sorry my mistake. I downloaded the SD image from the JetsonNano-Start page. Is there a 20.04 image for this device?

You’d have to use Xavier or Orin for 20.04. When the next major release comes out you’ll need Orin. The older TX2 and earlier (the Nano is TX1) reached end of life for new features (they are in maintenance) several years ago.

Ok great, many thanks for your help - much appreciated.

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