Jetson AGX Orin 64GB ubuntu

I’m going to use Autoware auto version
and it requires Ubuntu 22.04 with ros 2 humble
And also as I know, NVIDIA SDK supply to ubuntu 20.04 and not 22.04 yet
So Plz Guide me how to upgrade my ubuntu on jetson AGX orin with ubuntu 20.04

I have to make it as
Ubuntu 22.04
Ros2 humble

plz help me

The Nano is not compatible with Ubuntu 22.04 (or even 20.04). I think there are some people who experiment with that though. To use 20.04 you need either Xavier or Orin. Even Orin is not compatible (yet) with 22.04.

Incidentally, nvidia-smi is designed for PCIe GPUs (discrete “dGPU”). All Jetsons have a GPU which is integrated directly with the memory controller (iGPU). Anything using nvidia-smi for GPU detection will fail on a Jetson (all models).

Thank you for reply
But As I mentioned I use jetson orin.

I’m trying to use Autoware Auto version and It use
Ros2 humble with Ubuntu 22.04
So that’s why I’m trying to install ubuntu 22.04

You’re on the old Nano forum, not the Orin forum, so I missed the mention of AGX Orin. A moderator might move this, or you could repost here:

Orins are able to have Ubuntu 20.04 installed. The software used for flash is JetPack/SDK Manager, and what actually gets flashed is L4T (which is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). Orins are compatible with L4T R34.x+ (but use the latest R35.x), and the list is here:

Ubuntu 22.04 is not available. I think that whenever the R36.x+ shows up, this will probably be Ubuntu 22.04, but I’ve not heard of this occurring any time soon. Sometimes people who need a more recent release (or oddly, older release) might use a Docker container, but I have no advice on that. You’d need to post the Docker question (once 20.04 is running) on the AGX Orin forum.

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