Issues with shaders paths

Hi all,

I am having problem with shaders paths, whenever I create an .mdl shader inside Maya and export .usd using Maya connector.

The shader path inside Composer is then leading to my local computer instead of nucleus server which gives me a lot of troubles whenever I try to open the same scene from another PC.

Here is what I’d rather have as a shader path:

Have a great day everyone!

I am not sure exactly what the issue is. The shader path should be relative to the project you are working on, whether that is local or on nucleus. Just make sure that the material is stored inside your sub folder under your USD file. You can always use the Window > Utilities > “USD Paths” to re-path all of your mdls together.

Hi Richard, thank you for a quick reply.
The problem is that whenever I create a new material, its shader path is on my local disk, in AppData folder.

Whenever I access the same project from different machine or I join the live session the materials turns red because it is missing the shader.

So once you have your brand new default MDL created, just drag that shader mdl file into your project sub-directory on Nucleus and repath it. It should be creating it, inside your Looks folder, when made inside of Composer. If you are making inside of Maya, the connector should bring it in correctly.