Item not found error when applying environment to the stage

I was working in USD Composer earlier where I had added an environment to the stage (ClearSky). Everything was working fine.

However when I re-opened the project later, the sky was completely black and I noticed the following error when clicking the “locate file” button in the mdl:sourceAsset property of the SkyMaterial Shader:

2023-08-10 23:03:55 [Warning] [omni.kit.window.filepicker.api] Uh-oh! item at ‘’ not found.

Seems like there’s an issue with it locating the material. I’ve tried deleting and applying a different environment, but get the same issue. The environment is working normally otherwise in regards to lighting. Just no sky material.

@jeff152 i can’t seem to reproduce on my end. can you provide a few more items for troubleshooting purposes?

  1. version of Composer you are on
  2. screenshot of your stage
  3. machine spec
  4. upload the latest log file from C:\Users\<USER>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\USD.Composer\2023.1 (assuming you are on Windows and using 2023.1.1)
  5. the renderer being used