The USD Composer software is unable to load its built-in resources properly

Hello, I am a user from China and while using the USD Composer software, I have been unable to load or utilize the built-in materials, environments, and models for an entire day. Could you please tell me what might be causing this issue? Thank you for your assistance in resolving this problem.

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@939815240 i am just a fellow OV user, but could you elaborate on the version of Composer you are using?

The software’s internal models, materials, and environments are showing red error notifications, with the version being 2023.2.4.

based on the error message alone, looks like the access is blocked somehow. are there any firewall/port/network changes that’s preventing access to the amazonaws url?

also, could you confirm whether a nucleus server was set up (like localhost)? not saying you need it, but i am curious if you went through the step of setting it up.

lastly, is this issue also present in ealier Composer versions on your end?

hi, I haven’t intentionally configured any features within nucleus, nor have I made any changes to the online settings; this issue started occurring since yesterday. Now, the same situation applies to the composer on several computers in my studio as well. The composer we’re using is the free trial version, not the paid one.

2022.2.1 as well

It may be a temporary problem with our Amazon S3 servers. I am sure it will resolve. I see no issues here at my end now. So it could have been a slight blip, or specific to your region of the world. Try again

I’ve already updated to version 2023.2.5, but the issue persists. Would downloading an offline material pack resolve this problem?

No, that is not really a solution because composer uses so many online resources from the Amazon S3 servers. You do need to have access to that. The only thing I can think of is it you are behind some kind of firewall or have some kind of connection problem.

Can you try a new network entirely ?