Massive memory leak under linux


we are seeing a massive memory leak wir USD Composer / kit under Linux.

Starting and stopping USD-Composer adds round about 800mb (!) of memory load to the system. The memory load of other processes keeps constant so I think this could be a driver problem.

This is the output from nvidia-smi:

We are using version 2022.3.3 in a headless environment.

What can we do? This should be a production maschine, but even the 512GB of ram ran out very fast…



@mati-nvidia Can you have a look at this? This is really urgent for us

Hi Carl. Are you able to test with the latest USD Composer 2023?

I’ve tried already, but when using the latest version with our extension I’m getting a strange new error reporting that some omniverse client cannot reach a public nvidia resource… sorry I don’t have the exact message at the moment.

Do you know about such a problem that could be corrected in the latest version or is it only guessing? If yes I would dive deeper into the problems with the newest version and try to figure out whats the problem…

Do you remember this…

…perhaps this (the way we shut down the process) could be the problem.