USD Composer won't run on Windows 10


After having many issues with Composer on Linux, I wanted to try it on a Windows machine I have access to.

But after a quick installation USD Composer 2023.1.1 (and 2022.3.3) won’t even run. When I run the app from the launcher (or by running the .bat file), it just shows the splashcreen and closes.

I’ve noticed my GPU does not support RTX, but I guess that shouldn’t be a problem, since my Linux computer also does not have one supporting it, and at least I can open the program.

Please see the attached log, taken after running omni.create.singlegpu.bat application. There’s many error looking traces, but I can’t really tell which one is causing the crash, looks like a problem with a Python library, but can’t tell for sure.


kit_20230925_120054.log (1.0 MB)

Unfortunately your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 is well below minimum specs to use Composer and Kit apps in general. You are immediately running out of vram and its crashing. If you would like to use OV please consider upgrading your gpu.

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