USD Composer crashes when "AR Start" button is clicked on Windows 11 Pro

I enabled the “AR” option from “Windows → Rendering” and USD Composer crashes when I click on “AR Start” button.

What is the minimum RTX version to run the AR feature in Omniverse?

crash_2024-01-11_14-43-34_27412.txt (5.5 KB) (64 Bytes)

@user91403 i am just another OV user, but i cannot seem to repro the crash on my end (i tested with 2023.2.2) when attempting to access Window > Rendering > AR . it does take a few seconds for the AR panel to show up (next to the property panel).

is it possible to upload the most recent log file as an attachment? you can find it here:


based on what i saw in your crash log, you seem to be using a RTX 2070. it might be a bottleneck, but we should evaluate the actual Composer log after you’ve uploaded it to confirm it’s not related to the app. in the interim, you can take a look at the technical requirement for Composer:

Thanks @Simplechenable for your help. I was able to resolve the error, it was not finding OpenXR on local machine. I had to re-install OpenXR.


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