It's not possible to access the "GPU Support Matrix" page

I’m logged in and also enrolled in the DesignWorks program.

Whenever I try to access the GPU Support Matrix page, I’m greeted with this page:

Thanks, the page is now fixed and accessible, but there are no geforce cards listed, meaning no information regarding GP106 and GP107, and no specific details regarding 10/12-bit support for HEVC and VP9.

Also, there are some conflicting information. In the NVDEC Programming Guide from June 2016, it’s stated in the footnote in page 8 that only GP104 can decode VP8 yet in the matrix, GP100 is also listed as VP8 capable.

GP100 and GP104 are both capable of VP8 decoding, but no other GP10x chips have VP8 decoding support.

10/12-bit HEVC and VP9 decoding is not yet supported in software (although select recent GPUs have this capability).