Video_Codec_SDK_8.2 Sample program AppEncD3D11 reports on EncOpenEncodeSession

i am working in Windows 10.
When i apply AppEncD3D11 i get EnvOpenSession error 2 (corresponding to ‘unsupported device’).

AppEncD3D11.exe -i C:\Slava\test.rgb -s 352x288 -codec hevc -preset hq -profile main -rc vbr_hq -fps 30 -gop 30 -bf 0 -bitrate 500K -o C:\Slava\nvideo.h264
GPU in use: NVIDIA GeForce 930MX
NvEncoder::NvEncoder : m_nvenc.nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx(&encodeSessionExParams, &hEncoder) returned error 2 at c:\video_codec_sdk_8.2\samples\nvcodec\nvencoder\nvencoder.cpp:54

Any ideas how to sort out this issue.

930MX/930M/940M/MX110/MX150… have GM108 chip. There is no NVenc on GM108 chip !
Nvidia mark it clearly in small text under table “* Except GM108” (see and

Thanks a lot.

i am surprised why 930MX does not support encoding? It’s really strong processor (384 cores).

GM108 and GP108 are scale down chips (less SM and no NVenc SOC but still NVdec SOC on GP108 chip). For example compare GP102 (471mm^2), GP104 (314mm^2), GP106 (200mm^2), GP107 (132mm^2) and GP108(74mm^2) (no published data for GM108). GM108 and GP108 are smaller, cheaper and less power for notebook.
You can use CUDA cores (SM but not NVenc SOC) for encoding. Search back to ~2010 for CUDA-only h264 encoders (like NVCUVENC or jpegNPP form NVidia CUDA older SDK).

so the mx150 support nvdec api?

MX150 is GP108 and NVdec should work (by Nvidia matrix). But be warned that Nvidia does not publish all specifications and sometimes publish incorrect information (yes, I lost some $$$ too
(Nvidia updated - “* Except GM108 (not supported)”.)