J-Bot: Your Outfit Recommendation Bot


This is a practical implementation of Jetbot AI Robot Kit, developed for the KSE624 2020 spring class (Mobile and Pervasive Computing for Knowledge Services) at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which responds to the following Problem Statement:

Graduate Students living alone and off-campus needs to be aware of the condition outside before going out of their room because their plans, the way they dress, and the equipment they need to bring will depend on the condition outside.

To solve this problem, we developed a system in which the Jetbot scans the user’s outfit using its camera, and tell the user (voice-based) what she is missing based on the weather condition outside. For instance, if it is cold, and the user is not wearing a jacket, the Jetbot would ask her to dress properly. We achieve this by building a deep neural network model trained with a subset of Large-scale Fashion Database.


Check out our repository:

Demo Video

Check out our demo!

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