Jet Presentation: A Presentation Rehearsal Partner

Hello everybody ~! 😁
We would like to share the project that we recently made using Jetson Nano with external devices.

In this project, we built Jetson Nano as a presentation rehearsal partner.
Data is collected via JetBot and results are computed via cloud services.
Moreover, our Jetson Nano can display near real-time feedback using colored LEDs during the presentation.

The purpose of this project is to help students rehearse their presentation by recognizing their body language with near real-time feedback and summary reports. The followings are our contributions.

  1. collect 18 gesture datasets and create the model for gesture classification.
  2. apply the existing model and API for eye contact detection and facial expression classification, respectively.
  3. provide near real-time feedback and display to the user while they are presenting in front of the Jetson Nano.

We also provide a showcase video, source code via GitHub, and slide for more detail.

Showcase Video
Source Code

Feel free to give us any comments.🙏

Patara and Sakonporn.

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