Jetbot more GPIO connections add LED lights - connect to Keystudio MEGA


I am wanting to add LED lights / sensors to my Jetbot.

basically I am wanting more GPIO connections than the nano has so I am trying to expand how many lights/sensors I can connect.

I have a Keystudio MEGA Development board, with a MEGA GPIO board on top of it, with 53 digital outputs and 15 Analog all with ground, voltage, and signal.

Keystudio MEGA

Keystudio MEGA GPIO board

was hoping that I could connect all of my LED lights to the Keystudio MEGA board and control them from the Jetson nano.

What would be the best way to going about coding and controlling the lights, as the Jetbot is experiencing different things?

Is it possible to use another board like this?

What would the Python files be like on the Nano and on the Keystudio board? Cron Jobs or something else?

control things like

yellow lights that just blinks every second.

Left lights turning left, right lights turning right.

Red lights on back when backing up.

take signals from simple sensors (eg dht22)

things like that to start