Need help in connecting Jetson nano with a relay board to control a switch

Hi All,

I planning to control power on-off button through Jetson nano via relay board. Inputs will be generated from the python script and with the input switch needs to be turned on or off. Can someone help me in getting this setup done as I am new to this?


Could you describe more detail about this?

For example, what input will be generated from python script? And I think software control may only put the board into power off state but not power on.

Hi Wayne,

Is there any way to control a electrical switch from jetson nano through relay board

Are you trying to use jetson nano to control other device or use other device to control jetson nano?

I want to control other device with my jetson nano. Technically I need to switch on and off a electric air pump with jeston. for that I read somewhere that I need to connect relay with jetson to control the power switch.

Maybe you could try to use GPIO to send out signal from Jetson Nano.

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Thanks for that. Is there any standard connections that I need to follow . Since am new to this space I dont have much idea in using this GPIO pins.

Maybe this post from jetsonhacks can help your case.

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Thanks alot for your prompt response.