Jetclean: Make a robot clean up Lego Duplo bricks

This project was made as a finishing one week project for an Embedded development course I took.

My son has a lot of Lego, and being 16 months old, he does know how to make a mess but not how to clean it up. So when thinking about a project that “solve or address challenges or issues faced by yourself or society.” a robot that could clean up after him seemed like the perfect idea. It also seemed to be small enough of a project given I also had to learn how to use the robot.

The robot itself is a Waveshare Jetank using OpenCV to locate the bricks.

Jetclean demo

Code avalible at GitLab

Added the gif to better show how far I got in that one week.

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Link Demo Video

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Hi @bendigsunne, great project, thanks for sharing! Seems like a really useful robot to have around 😄