Jetosn xavier nx gpio sink and source currentr

What is the sink and source current on the jetson xavier nx carrier board gpio .
very confusing specifications

hello jammesep,

please access Xavier TRM, please check if [Table 8.54 GPIO’s in Different Pad Control Groups] answer your questions.

sorry to be such a noob on referred page there is no table of any kind and no search result for table 8.45

hello jammesep,

you should check Table 8.54,
it’s included in [8 System Components]-> [8.5 Multi-Purpose I/O Pins and Pin Multiplexing (PinMux]]-> [ GPIO Ports and Controller Mapping]

once again i apologize for my ignorance but does not list current sink or source data .

another thing i might mention the text string “8.54” is not found in “TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL,NVIDIA Xavier Series System-on-Chipusing”

thank you for your time
Jim Peterson

Please refer to this topic: Jetson Xavier NX & Nano I/O Sink Currents

once again thank you for your time.
Jim Peterson