Jetpack 4.1

I’ve seen that the Jetpack 4.1 Developer Preview Early Access only supports the Jetson AGX Xavier.

Will this (or another) version of Jetpack also support the TX2 on release?

I’m looking forward to using some of the features of Jetpack 4.1 on my TX2, such as ubuntu 18.04 and new versions of Cuda, Cudnn and TensorRt.

Hi eric.creusen, this JetPack version will not officially support TX2, however we are planning a release next year that includes TX2.

Thanks dusty_nv for your quick reply.

I’ve been digging around the Jetpack 4.1 preview version, and it turns out that the included L4T flash utility does support the TX2, by running

sudo ./ jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1


This produced a working ubuntu 18.04 environment.

Furthermore, I’ve downloaded the Cuda, Cudnn and TensorRt .deb files to the TX2 and installed them there, and they seem to be working as well: I’ve succesfully run the included cuda and tensorrt samples.

Nice eric.creusen, Can you please tell me which kernel version used for this jetpack 4.1 (4.4.48 or 4.9.108) in Jetson TX2 Board.

4.9.108 (as produced by “uname -r”)

Where did you get the .deb files for Cuda, Cudnn and TensorRt? I see some in the JetPack downloads folder after running JetPack 4.1, up to the ‘install on target’ (I don’t have an xavier). Did you just move those to the TX2 after running
Thank you for your help