can cuda 10.0 run on Jetson TX2?

I have two questions about Jteson TX2.

  1. Can Cuda 10.0 run on Jetson TX2?
  2. Can Jetson TX2 run on Ubuntu18.04?

Hi stevendmv123, official support for these versions on Jetson TX2 will be provided in a future release of JetPack.

Hi dusty_nv,

Thank you for your reply. So JetPack 4.1 is only for Xavier, not for Jetson TX2?

Best Regards,

Right now the latest L4T release for a TX2 is R28.2.1. JetPack3.3 covers that. JetPack4.x currently only supports Xavier.

@linuxdev I got it. Thank you for your answer.