JetPack 4.1 - production release date ?? support for TX2 ??

Good afternoon, if somebody could provide additional information pertaining to the following that would be great:

  1. When is the regular full-production release date for JetPack 4.1 anticipated? The current version of JetPack 4.1 is listed as “Developer Preview Early Access” as I’m typing this (Monday, November 5th, 2018).

  2. Will JetPack 4.1 support the TX2? The information online pertaining to JetPack 4.x seems to only mention the new Xavier board.

Some context on my current situation in the case that may clarify my questions:

-My organization is committed to using Ubuntu 18.04 on our desktops at this time to support our product which runs on a server with Ubuntu 18.04, therefore backdating to Ubuntu 16.04 to allow use of JetPack 3.3 is not really an option. The JetPack 3.3 documentation clearly states that Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 (but not 18.04) are supported. After reading this post it seems it is possible to get JetPack 3.3 to install in Ubuntu 18.04 but that various errors would likely be encountered after that.

-My organization does not need to begin research on porting out product (which currently only runs on an Ubuntu 18.04 server) for at least a month, so if the regular release version of JetPack 4.1 will be available by then or soon thereafter and will support the TX2 as well as the Xavier it would best for us to wait a bit for the JetPack 4.1 regular release with Ubuntu 18.04 support.

Hi cdahms123,

(1) soon.

(2) no.

The Ubuntu 18.04 support on TX2 will not be ready at this year.


Is it possible that ubuntu 18.0.4 support on tx2 at 2019?

Yes, and soon, please stay tuned.