Jetpack 4.5 SIM800L module for 2G/3G

I have connected SIM800L module to jetson nano, but i can’t setup internet on it. everyone on the internet is using this module for rasberry pi, no mention of jetson nano. Can i even use it for internet? if yes then please guide me how to setup it. Thanks

Please refer to below topic to see if can help: Jetson Xavier AGX UART comunication - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson AGX Xavier - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hi, i have referred to the topic and my issue still hasn’t resolved. I have discovered the serial port on my Jetson nano but i am unable to configure it to send and receive sms. My end goal is to use the internet on my jetson nano using my SIM800L module.

I was following the link: Raspberry Pi : How to access the Internet using GSM / GPRS Modem (SIM900/SIM800)

. I setup ppp0 using the link in a jetson nano, but after this my sim800l module blinks after every second which means that it is not connected to the cellular network. Additionally,I couldn’t use minicom to verify because of the error, “Device /dev/ttyTHS1 is locked.” but as soon as I enter command “sudo poff rnet” to shut ppp0 down. sim800l starts blinking after every 3 seconds which means that it is connected to cellular network and can do sms, call and internet ping on minicom terminal.

So basically I am stuck with the same question of how to use the internet for browsing using sim8000l.

@site-moderator please help

We don’t verify any GSM modem on jetons before. Maybe other users can share their experience.

If you see something like ttyTHS1 is locked, probably means some service already occupied ttyTHS1.

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