Jetpack 4.6.5 on jetbot?

I’m creating Jetbot and have flashed Jetpack 4.6.5 on to Jetson nano 2gb developer kit using sdk manager. I am wondering how Jetbot 4.5 image can be install will Jetpack 4.6.5. I want to use latest supported Jetpack version for my Jetson Nano 2gb developer kit but don’t know how.

When install Jetpack 4.6.5 it say that openCV on Target and VPI on Target fail to install.

For JetBot project, it’s better use use that version we provided.
You can find more informaiton from its github: GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetbot: An educational AI robot based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

I have install many different jetpack versions and have spent so much time but cannot get my jetbot success. On jetpack 4.6.1 with jetbot image 4.5 the camera will not work. I tried using jetpack 4.6.5 but the os image would not install using sdk manager. Jetbot has been very frustrating to build. I have chosen my own parts, just the robot chassis, and battery pack. Help me and can someone maybe guide me in a better direction? Thank you