Jetpack-4.6 tx2 : v4l2-ctl --stream-mmap needs nvarguscamerasrc to succeed

The nominal ‘pix_clk_hz’ for that sensor mode is 396000000 (396 Mpx/s) setting it to 450 Mpx/s does not make the things work better. Setting it to 500 Mpx/s does make the ‘v4l2-ctl --mmap’ command work directly after the reboot, but that’s only a workaround. The true value is 396 Mpx/s, and using that true value worked with previous jetpack’s. Where’s the regression ?

I can’t tell what’s the regression. Can you check the ISO bandwidth driver to figure it out …/kernel/nvidia/drivers/video/tegra/camera/tegra_camera_platform.c

WIth jetpack-4.5.1, I had the following info with ‘dmesg’ :

misc tegra_camera_ctrl: tegra_camera_update_isobw:Set iso bw 773202 kbyteps at 24163 KHz
misc tegra_camera_ctrl: tegra_camera_isomgr_request++ bw=773202, lt=4

With jetpack-4.6 it is now :

misc tegra_camera_ctrl: tegra_camera_update_isobw:Set iso bw 96650 kbyteps at 3021 KHz
misc tegra_camera_ctrl: tegra_camera_isomgr_request++ bw=96650, lt=4

There seems to be something wrong there.