Jetpack 5.0 DP Kernel source git history

Hello, I noticed that kernel source for 5.10 kernel with jetpack 5.0 (nv-tegra.nvidia Code Review - linux-5.10.git/summary) is committed as a single commit. Is it possible for it to be published with full git history, like previous kernel 4.9?


I was posting about this on another thread–I totally agree. For some reason, kernel-5.10 is purely a single release, much like the Tegra Android kernel source releases. Really, I don’t understand why we can’t get history for either. If we could get history for kernel-5.10 of r34 and the Android rel-shield-r (rel33) that would be quite helpful. It seems quite against the purpose of Linux and the OSS community as a whole to release just a massive source dump to comply with licensing, and it hinders the ability of devs to work on projects for the Tegra line of devices.

We do plan to work on pushing the history when we do the source push for the JP5.0 production release at early Q3. Thanks

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