JetPack 6 Developer Preview does not support APT upgrades

Please Note that OTA features are not supported in this release as was mentioned in the announcement. Please do not try to apt upgrade your Jetson to JetPack 6 Developer Preview release. Use SDK Manager or manual flashing to install JetPack 6 Developer Preview.

We will release the SD Card image for Jetson Orin Nano developer kit today. Please note that, since QSPI bootloaders have moved to a new major version, you will need to at least once install JetPack 6 using SDK Manager or manual flashing in order to update the QSPI. After that you can use JetPack 6 SD Card image.

I am looking for some clarity on Jetpack 5 → Jetpack 6 upgrade paths on full release.

My Understanding is Jetpack 6 will support OTA upgrades but this is just for minor version upgrades?

Is there any remote or OTA upgrade process which could take a Jetson Nano with Jetpack 5 → Jetpack 6? Or will this always require a host system to reflash?