Jetpack6.0-dp ships with a bunch of games but no browsers

This is not a support request. Just some minor discussion on Jetpack6.0-dp.

I just flashed JP6.0-dp today and was surprised to see games like mahjong and minesweeper. Is it not better to base the JP image on the minimal Ubuntu installation offered in the gui installation wizard?

As for the browser, I’m guessing there are no browsers because of issues caused by Canonical forcing Chromium and Firefox to be installed via snap in their new Ubuntu releases. To anyone who comes across this looking for a solution, there are ways to install browsers from other PPAs.

Incidentally, this developer preview is the start of making it easier to develop for other operating systems and Linux “flavors”. The boot content is being unified (not surprisingly, it is UEFI), and the mainline kernel is being phased in. The default sample root filesystem is just Ubuntu’s, and so those choices of games are not something NVIDIA picked…the Ubuntu itself arrives without modification from Ubuntu, and then the user overlays the NVIDIA drivers (which is when it becomes “L4T”). If you find a “minimal” rootfs, then in theory you can replace the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” with that, run the, and then flash that minimal. I have not tried using that yet, and it is preview tech, but issues you find doing so could be posted here in the forum.

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For using minimum rootfs, please refer to
Root File System — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

Thank linux for the quick suggestion.

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