Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Dev Kit stuck in recovery?


I have Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Dev Kit that has been running fine until the other day where it keeps trying to go into a recovery boot, fails, and then boots into uefi shell. Just to be clear I made no changes to the OS and I have not entered the firmware/uefi since the initial setup last year. All I did was perform a normal reboot from the OS (Ubuntu) which I have done 100s of times. I hooked up micro-USB cable and got the serial console working. The failed boot happens so quickly that I ended up having to record the screen to catch the error:

L4TLauncher: Attempting Recovery Boot
Header not seen at either offset 0 or offset 0x1000
Failed to boot recovery: 0 partition

I have a (previously) working install on the eMMC and another (again, was working until this happened) install on the sdcard. Selecting either boot device from the boot menu brings me back to the uefi right away.

Any help would be appreciated!


I would suggest always sharing full log. Just 3 lines here do not provide much info.

Also, recovery boot is a mechanism that if your jetson fails to boot into kernel in consecutive 3 times, then it will happen.

Which means what we should care about is what was happened before recovery boot, but not the recovery boot itself.

I’m not sure what the best method to capture the output is since it goes by so fast, but here is a video of a boot attempt:

What is the problem here to make you not able to just scroll the console back and copy the whole log?

Also, what I wanted to say is you don’t need to dump me another recovery boot log now.

Just reflash your board, there is no other method to make it back alive. You have to reflash it.

What we need to know is what kind of error happened on your side and causes a 3 times consecutive boot failure. If the usecase is still the same, it may happen again one day.

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