Jetson AGX Orin does not boot into Ubuntu after rebooting

The Jetson AGX Orin 32GB that I’m working with fails to reboot after i use the reboot command in the terminal.
This has happened thrice in 2 days, basically every time I do the reboot command. The only way I was able to solve this was by reflashing it multiple times. I do not want to keep reflashing it as lose my project progress.
I have tried connecting it to other workstations but to no avail. It just shows the Nvidia boot screen and then the display goes blank. The CAPSlock and NUMlock keys work on the keyboard, no way to check if the mouse works.
How do I fix this issue?

To know what is going wrong you really must have a serial console boot log. What this does is put a text terminal on the host PC, and no graphics is required from the Jetson. The host PC terminal can log everything. This would be useful to start logging while running “dmesg --follow” to the host PC, and then run the shutdown command. Since logging and display is at the host PC it still captures a lot of valuable information even if the Jetson itself is failing. FYI, it isn’t unusual for the system to be booting just fine, but have the display fail; you might be flashing it when it doesn’t need flashing. The log could show something simple to fix.

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