Re: Jetson AGX Orin not booting up

We are stuck with our Jetson AGX Orin not booting up since a long time now. We’ve also tried reflashing Ubuntu20.04 multiple times, and installation process finishes saying “Installation complete”, but still the jetson refuses to boot into Ubuntu.

We’re following the given method to reflash Ubuntu - Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager — sdk-manager 2.0.0 documentation

Video showing the boot: jetson not booting up.mp4 - Google Drive

We’d like assistance here, on what more can we try to solve this. Also, can you provide information on who should we get in touch for help in person, any official store/service center? (we’re from Mumbai, India)
Thanks in advance!


Basically what you need to do now is dump the serial console log.

If you don’t dump the log, basically you are just doing blind debug. You only rely on a monitor to tell whether a board is booting or not.

I will add that it is quite common for a Jetson to successfully boot up, but due to some video configuration, not show up on the monitor. The serial console can log the entire boot to the host PC, and if it is just a configuration issue, then it also gives you a command line login method that might make recovery simple. Serial console is absolutely your best debug tool in most cases.

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