Jetson AGX Orin Not Booting

Having trouble getting my Jetson AGX to boot. The LED is lit and the fan turns on and off, but during boot up the keyboard works for a few seconds but then I get no response from the keyboard and mouse. During one of the bootups, I did see a Nvidia splash screen with an error message, but it went away very fast. I have the display port hooked up to a monitor, but only see a black screen. Also attempted the headless mode, but still only see a black screen.

DevKit/custom board?
L4T/JetPack version?

Also, dump the log please.

It’s a dev kit and assuming a JetPack version, label on box states “Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit”, part number 945-13730-0050-000. I don’t posses a Ubuntu server so looking to find one to try and connect it to.

I mean the software version, not the part number…
Anyway, a host PC is always required no matter you want dump the log or re-flash the device.

Apologies, I’ve never dealt with these before, not sure of the software version as I’ve yet to see it boot up to anything other than a black screen. Should have an Ubuntu server by tomorrow so will try to connect to that.