Jetson AGX orin is not opening

while swith on the jetson it give me start page of nvidia after then my screen shows check connected power devices cable connection and source selection in monitor screen.
i am trying to boot the device from SDK manager and it is not able to download and it giving me some error.

You could try to tell other people what kind of error you saw but not just “I hit error”…

While running Jetson AGX orin . it shows me Nvidia logo screen then it just blank screen shows and my monitor give me please connect HDMI cable.
Now, I am not able to think what I have to do how I can run this. I am not able to open any thing expect boot manager screen.
Guide me I have to boot my device then how can I do this ?

For example, when you said sdkmanager failed to flash your board… there is a “EXPORT LOGS” button on sdkmanger… you can click it and share the log here. (120.7 KB)

These are the error i am getting now.


Your log contains nothing useful.
Have you tried to flash the device? Seems like there’s only some host-side tools being installed.
Please refer to the guide:

Hi @piyush0395,

I have seen that issue when the flashvars hasn’t been properly set.
Check all the variables from the flashvars, but specifically check the BPFDTB and PMIC variables are set accordingly to the corresponding files for the AGX Orin. Where:

p3767-0000 = NX 16GB
p3767-0001 = NX 8GB
p3767-0003 = Nano 8GB
p3767-0004 = Nano 4GB

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