Jetson Orin Test Key Warning


I was trying to install Nvidia driver for Nvidia Jetson Orin Developer kit. I got a minor error. The device was still working after the error. Then I wanted to reboot the device by typing the “reboot” command on the terminal. However, when the device is booting, the articles I shared in the attachment appear in the section with the Nvidia logo. Then the screen goes black and the fan stops. The device does not turn on, but the power button remains on. Is there a solution to this? If there is no solution, how can I restore the device to its original state?

Sugges to reflash your system, you can refer to Getting Started with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer


First of all, thank you for your interest. Since the screen does not turn on, I will not be able to install with the screen attached. Do I need to install as headless?

I’m no sure what have been done or what SW inside your device, please just follow previous comments to reflash your system.

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