Jetson AGX Orin HSSTP Debug

Dear Community,

We are attempting HSSTP Debug using Jetson AGX Orin.
Refer to the manual, HSSTP.

  1. Can I use the JAO Devkit’s USB Type-A connector (J24) as HSSTP?
    (Arm provides a USB-to-HSSTP adapter)

  2. When using J33 connector, is it possible to support 2 lanes?
    (2 lanes of UPHY_TX20 and UPHY_TX0)

Thanks for looking into.

Hi takuya_nakayama,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

May I know what’s you use case for HSSTP debug?
Do you want to get the debug UART message?
If so, have you tried to use current /dev/ttyTCU0 to get the combined UART messages?


Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, we are using AGX Orin devkit with Jetpack 5.0.
And, we will be using HSSTP debugging to measure memory contents.
(USB-to-HSSTP adapter from Arm)

Thanks and regards

Dear @KevinFFF

I may not have mentions it well.
Please check the contents of HSSTP in the Technical Reference Manual.
(DP-10508-002_v1.2 | Page 6816)

Thanks and regards

I would suggest updating to the latest Jetpack 5.1.2 (R35.4.1) first for the devkit.

Please also check the following table in design guide

The available port should be J39 (USB 3.2 P0) and J40 (USB 3.2 P1).
They are both Type C port.

Dear @KevinFFF

Thank you very much for your information.
We will refer to it. We can close the topic.

Thanks and regards

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