Jetson AGX Orin Timer

Hi NV Support Team
From Jetson Orin pinmux file "Orin_Jetson_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm "
I want to use the camera sync signal but I find the default 5 pin can used for CAM_FRSYNC from the pinmux file. But 3 pins(E59,F59,A62)from CVM function are TSC_EDGE_OUT, but 2 pins(G7,L15) from CVM function are GPIO3_PAC.
Question1: Which function can used as camera frame sync. TSC timer or GPIO?
Question2: Does PWM signa can used for camera frame sync, if Jetson only have 3 TSC timers?


Suppose just need normal GPIO pin for camera sync pin.
And both of them should be able configure as GPIO pin.

HI Shane
Can you please confirm the GPIO can used for multiple camera sync (GMSL serdes).
It not only from HW connection but also from SW point. e.g. NV linux driver SDK…


It depend on the sensor design. Please consult with sensor vendor for the frame sync design.

How about the frequency tolerence from 2 different GPIO to use as 60Hz signal?
Do you think the GPIO can replace Timer(TSC) for camer frame sync for timestamp.

Suppose GPIO would have inconsistent toggling cause by system loading if the frame sync need gen PWM signal.

Hi Shane
My use case is that we need to used 4x TSC output signal from Jetson orin.
e.g. Jetson Orin will send 1xTSC signal with 30Hz signal to GMSL SerDes 2x camera with in the trigger mode.
The question is that if we use one more PWM or GPIO signal to replace TSC (timer signal) because Jetson orin only have 3 xTSC signal .


OK, then maybe check with PWM.

Thank you

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