Jetson AGX Orin with NileCAM81_CUOAGX


I have Jetson AGX Orin and a NileCAM81_CUOAGX camera that I want to use together, I’ve downloaded the doncuments for the NileCAM, But it was not clear to me how to prepare it.

I’ve tried sudo dmesg | grep -i "Detected ar0821 sensor" and ls /dev/video* but nothing were found. I think that I need to get and extract the


where I think that I can found the <L4T_version>_<release_date>_<release_version> in the release details file. If that it correct, I can’t find this file so I can extract this release package to get the binaries in the jetson, where to find it, do I need to reflash the orin, is there a simple well presented documentation to hoe to ue this camera. I want to use it for my deep learning project.

Thank you.

Hi Naser,

Our technical support staff will send you an email.


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