Jetson AGX SDK Manager Instillation Failed

Hello, While installing Jetpack to my AGX Dev kit using the sdk manager I had some errors regarding the Host Components Cuda and Computer vision. I’m quite sure they downloaded correctly, however there was a problem with the instillation.

For the log book see below.

If this is not the proper log please let me know. (295.4 KB)

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?

Hello aiesresearch,

The log shows that “apt-get update” command failed. Can you please check what’s the output of “dpkg -l | grep cuda” command? You may probably need clean up all cuda related packages manually. Make sure the output of “dpkg -l | grep cuda” is clean. Then retry.

Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
cuda-toolkit-10-2 : Depends: cuda-compiler-10-2 (>= 10.2.89) but it is not going to be installed
Depends: cuda-tools-10-2 (>= 10.2.89) but it is not going to be installed
Depends: cuda-samples-10-2 (>= 10.2.89) but it is not going to be installed
Depends: cuda-documentation-10-2 (>= 10.2.89) but it is not going to be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
Info: [ Package Install Finished with Error ]
Info: [host] [ 2.04 GB used. Disk Avail: 65.13 GB ]
Info: [ NV_CUDA_HOST_COMP Install took 1m5s ]
Error: [error]: Error when apt install failed; [exec_command]: sudo apt-get update; sleep 0.5; sudo apt-get -y --allow-downgrades install cuda-toolkit-10-2=10.2.89* ; [error]: exit status 100; [deb_path]: /home/colton/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads/cuda-repo-ubuntu1804-10-2-local-10.2.89-440.40_1.0-1_amd64.deb

Thanks for the help. As requested here is the output of dpkg -l | grep cuda

dpkgCudaOutput (8.6 KB)

Hi aiesresearch,

There is old version of CUDA, 10.2.89-1, installed on your machine. It has conflict with the new CUDA, version 10.2.89-440.40, to be installed by SDK Manager.
To install the new version of CUDA, old version of CUDA must be uninstalled first.
Can you please uninstall all of the old version of CUDA packages first, make sure the output of “dpkg -l | grep cuda” command is empty, then retry installation?