Jetson AGX Xavier jetson_release shows different model

Hi everyone,

I have an AGX Xavier Developer Kit 32GB. Model is P2972.
When I run “jetson_release -v” command, the Board type is shown like AGX Xavier [16GB] and the serial number is different from label on board.
Does this command show wrong information? Or Is dev kit 16gb?

I checked also from Ubuntu’s about this computer prompt. It shows 32GB memory. Which one is true?

What is “jetson_release -v”? Is this a tool from jetpack?

Yes it was installed with JetPack. The location of tool: /usr/local/bin/jetson_release

Are you sure you are not using tool from this? I checked 2 devices but don’t see such tool…

I am so sorry Wayne, you are right.

Then, your issue sounds like another one here. I think it is an error from that tool.

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Thanks !