Jetson AGX Xavier NoMachine Remote resoultion

when i remote jestdon using NoMachine
i can’t change resoultion any more
and the screen is ver big and sof of screen content is hidden
i tried change resoultion fron NoMchine seeting but i fount it’s optin Dimmed
For you informayion this happen whet jetson not connected direct to screen (when iremove hdmi cable i mean )

hello madoococa,

assume you’re working with remote desktop.
could you please refer to Setting Up VNC | NVIDIA Developer,
it show the steps to setup VNC server on the Jetson developer kit, and connecting to VNC service from another computer for your use-case?

Thansk for help
but it think you didn’t get what i mean
i need to remote my jetson and no monitor is connected to it’s HDMI port

look at the 2 images and you will find the resoloution difference
i need to be able to change the 2nd image resoloution as the jetson will not connected to any HDMI or monitors

please check this post.

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thanks for help
I think HDMI “dummy” dongle could fix this issue
I will try it.

It looks it’s Unity desktop problem. Try xubuntu-desktop or other like here:

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