Headless Setup for Jetson Orin Nano

I have a Jetson Orin Nano DevKit and want to access it remotely from my host linux machine without connecting the Jetson board to a monitor. I followed the steps in the README-vnc.txt from the L4T-README Volume and can establish a remote connection with the described gvncviewer and also with Remmina.
The problem is the screen of the remote machine is showing the NVIDIA-logo without loading the desktop. I can’t do anything further.
If I connect the Jetson Orin Nano to a monitor the remote screen will finally load and I can do stuff. But as soon as the DisplayPort cable is unplugged from the Jetson, the remote screen is freezed and again can’t be used.

Is there any solution how to solve this problem?

Please refer to Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

Q: How to configure VNC w/o monitor connected for Jetson?

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If no display is attached, a default resolution of 640x480 is selected, which causing you seeing only NVIDIA-logo.

Please just refer to the above steps from FAQ to setup VNC w/o monitor connected.

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Actually I’ve changed the resolution in the /etc/X11/xorg.config to be 1920x1200, so I could see the whole remote screen. But it just wouldn’t refresh at all.

The steps from the FAQ worked out tho! It does refresh now and I can use the screen and all the applications.
Thank you!


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