Why not headless support for the Jetson Orin Nano remote access?

I bought the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit, with the intention of using it without a monitor attached.

To through VNC viewer connect to it and develop using a webcam and then later csi cameras.

But when connecting remotely all I see is NVIDIA Logo and the screen is not refreshing. If I connect a monitor it start refreshing.

The Readme that comes with the Jetpack image about configuring VNC to use it “without a monitor attached” doesn’t work.

Like other posts commenting about this and there is no Official Solution here to fix this “Right out of the box” issue.

I thought this “Edge” device would work without a monitor attached to it.

Why should I be forced to attach a monitor to an edge device to work with it?

Makes little sense to me.


By default we would expect a monitor connected. For remote access, we generally execute ssh command to login the device. We will check and see if we can support this use-case in the future.

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