Vncserver jetson nano access problem.

I want to access jetson nano without using a monitor, so I want to access it on my own laptop,
I was using vnc server to access remote before.(When using raspberry pi)

I would like to point out that I do not want to provide 2 access to the desktop. As such, the mouse cursor moves very slowly.
I just want to connect to 1 screen from my laptop.

I followed this link ;

The screen when I access;

I can’t do anything. Mouse cursor in the form of black x.

Would you mind helping me ?

Thanks in advance.

Would you mind connecting a monitor and try this setup again?

I know that you don’t want a monitor. It is just for experiment.

I already use it with a monitor right now. Connect with the monitor is opening.

Does “opening” mean it works fine? If so, could you try to add a dummy screen in xorg.conf?

Sorry , I meant, it turns on when it connects to the monitor.

How to open dummy screen in vncviewer ?